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" We provide high quality, cost effective, time bound digital audio encoding from VHS, Cassette or Hi8 tapes in Downtown Toronto."
- Milind Raval
    Why Encoding?

Digital Data Services, specializing in digitizing and translating audio data with high quality, time bound and low cost service.

Encoding technique is of the latest service available in the digital revolution, so why still stick around on sequential tapes. 


  • Eliminate the cost of hiring and recruiting employees to handle your word processing and transcription work for you. You save!

  • Eliminate the cost of employee benefits, i.e., vacation and sick pay, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, overtime, salaries, 401K, health and life insurance, etc. You save!

  • Eliminate the cost of leasing office space and purchasing office equipment for administrative/word processing employee operations. You save!

  • Regular holiday, student, referral, and new-client discounts. Even more savings!

  • Never have to worry about paying an arm and a leg to have your typing needs met. Our rates are some of the lowest you'll find on the web!

  • Professional, clean documents ready when YOU need them - Hit the bull's eye on or before your deadlines.

  • No need to patronize large secretarial agencies. Realize the value of doing business with small, friendly, personable services like this one. Be assured that many different people aren't handling your confidential documents each time. Plus, your formatting, work, and contact preferences are documented so you'll get customized service according to how YOU like things done.

  • Live help on the weekends and open during the weekdays during AND after the average company's normal business hours, so your work can be completed without the need for overtime by you or your employees.



  • The average administrative assistant/word processor employee is paid $12-$15 per hour.

  • The average medical transcriptionist employee is paid $15-$20 per hour.

Now, this is just for salary alone. Imagine adding in the cost for all other charges incurred for having such an employee!

Everyone knows that employees are not actually working during the entire 8 hours that most are on the job on a daily basis. Sometimes there's just not enough work to do on a given day, yet the pay is the same whether or not the employee is working. Access to the Internet on the job provides the avenue for most administrative employees to pass idle time when workloads are minimal. You'd be surprised at how many hours administrative employees spend just killing time on the Internet (based on research by Pew Internet & American Life Project), which is one of the reasons employers are finding the need to monitor Internet activity of their employees more than ever.

Wouldn't it be much more cost-effective to just pay for the time work is actually being done?

Keep your office inventory costs down. We have our own equipment to get all of your typing work done for you in a professional manner.

Company benefits? These are usually just incentives to attract prospective employees, retain their services, and keep them happy. Save your money and gain some benefits of your own just for using our service.

salary + benefits + office space + time off + equipment + idle time + unemployment insurance + worker's compensation + recruiting, hiring and firing expenses, etc.

can be reduced to.............Cost of Service Alone

Professional documents ready when YOU need them, low rates, convenience, reliability. That IS what you want after all, isn't it?





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