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Phone Conversation Sample

Telephone Conversation
John Doe and Jane Doe
January 1, 2008
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Conversation between John Doe and Jane Doe, January 1, 2008

Speaker 1:  Hello?

Speaker 2:  Hi Jane, how are you?

Speaker 1:  Oh, hi John. I'm okay, I guess. Just a little tired. How about you?

Speaker 2:  So-so. Hey, I wanted to ask you a quick question regarding life insurance. I know you've had yours for quite a while now. I've only had mine for about three years now, and I was wondering if it's possible that I could borrow some money against my policy for personal use. It's for something very important that I need to take care of.

Speaker 1:  Well, John, I'm not too sure, but I think they do allow you to borrow from your policy if you've had it for at least two years. You've had yours for three, so you should be just fine...I think.

Speaker 2:  I hope so - and uh, Ms. Stanley could take care of everything and get it all set up?

Speaker 1:  Yeah, I guess. You should call her first and see what she says. If she can't authorize the loan, then you may have to go to the company directly.

Speaker 2:  Okay, well let me get right on that then. Tell the kids I said hello, and I'll talk to you guys again soon. Okay?

Speaker 1:  Sure. Take care, John.

Speaker 2:  Alright, you too. Bye now.

Speaker 1:  Bye.

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