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" We provide high quality, cost effective, time bound digital audio encoding from VHS, Cassette or Hi8 tapes in Downtown Toronto."
- Milind Raval
    Voice Transcription: Complete Process Overview

A schematic overview of the process flow and system is shown below for complete understanding.


Digital Data Services' state-of-the-art technology; ease of use, and unmatched convenience has made it an industry leader. Our system can be defined in four easy steps:

  • Healthcare, legal, and business professionals use cassettes, digital recorders, or PC-based recording to dictate office notes, letters, and medical files directly into any one of our input formats.

  • Our experienced transcriptionist transcribe your dictation into text file.

  • The completed dictation undergoes 2 levels of Quality Control Audits, further proofread by our Senior Quality Control Specialist finally producing text files, which are 99.98% accurate.

  • The completed file is then available in any word processing format for you to download.


Digital Data Services's Web-Based and Non Web-Based transcription solution includes:

  • Anywhere, any time access via phone, digital recorder, or PC.

  • 128-bit encryption with HIPAA compliance

  • Secure Web-Based application providing dictation file uploads, tracking, and file downloads.

  • Authentication of all Internet transfers.


Digital Data Services's Internet System includes series of security measures to ensure privacy including

  • SSL, 128-bit encryption, unique login ID, and user defined access parameters.

  • Adheres to Internet security protocols with World-class PKI infrastructure,

  • Rely Services meets or exceeds all elements of the security standards published by HIPAA.

  • System runs on a secure server, which encrypts all data communication between your computer and our server.

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