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" We provide high quality, cost effective, time bound digital audio encoding from VHS, Cassette or Hi8 tapes in Downtown Toronto."
- Milind Raval
    PDF Authoring

Digital Data Services, specializing in digitizing and translating paper data into portable document format (PDF) at high quality, time bound and low cost service.

The Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) , also known as an electronic document, was designed to be viewed, read, and used on any computer system. Many companies have found that it is more efficient and cost-effective to distribute literature electronically, rather than the traditional means of printed books, manuals, or brochures.





The PDF format maintains all formatting of the original document, including fonts, styles, colors, and placement of images. Nevertheless, because the PDF format is a standard format regardless of which platform or software applications the recipients use, an organization's documentation will have the same look and feel as a digital file as it does in a hard-copy printed format.

Digital Data Services, Inc.  provides the service of converting either paper documents or electronic documents into a PDF format. By using our services, you now have the ability to turn paper documents, including manuals, brochures, drawings, contracts and any other important documentation, into useful electronic files in an accurate, searchable format which looks exactly like the printed page. DDS also has the capability to hyperlink documents so retrieval of key information is performed quick and easy!





Minimizes paper distribution 
Reduces paper and associated printing costs 
Maintains document integrity 
Reduces redundant paper systems 
Keeps information uniform to the original hard-copy literature 
Enables the user to search for keywords throughout the document 
Users may print the subject matter from the PDF document 
Provides faster distribution and a wider audience reach if the company's information is accessible via the Internet 
PDF files can contain hyperlinks to pages within the PDF document or to other PDF files 
Quickly becoming the standard format industry wide



Sales and Marketing Brochures 
Technical Manuals 
Product Catalogs 
Training Guides 
Distribution of Company Information 
Any imaginable documentation! 





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