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" We provide high quality, cost effective, time bound digital audio encoding from VHS, Cassette or Hi8 tapes in Downtown Toronto."
- Milind Raval
    Picture to TV Service

You've got a whole lot of digital or regular photos from vacations, new-born babies and celebrations. How can you archive and share them with friends and family? 

Photo to TV is a unique service that brings your treasured memories into the living room TV. Now, you can archive your digital photos into a stunning DVD/VCD playable disc accompanied with cool transition effects and music. 

You can organize your photos into multiple albums, each with its own unique customizable title. When played on the TV, you will have a DVD/VCD menu for you to select the album to play. 

What's more, you could even store the original photos on the same disc, so that you can send them for printing should you need high-resolution printouts. 

Create impressive picture album on CD with transition effects & music.

Watch your photos on TV screen with family & friends. 
All you need is a DVD/VCD player.

Send your photo CD to grandma. She doesn't need to operate the computer to watch it.

Archive your digital photos on a long-lasting CD that's playable on standard DVD/VCD players. You can save your original photos into the CD too.

Create Picture CD that can watched on TV with interactive menu chapters & background music.

- 200 Images (JPG, BMP, GIF, PSD etc)
- 50 menu chapters
- 10 Transitions effects between images
- Delivery within 1-week
- 100% satisfaction guaranteed
- MPEG1 Video CD (NTSC or PAL)- 78 minutes of playback per VCD


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