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" We provide high quality, cost effective, time bound digital audio encoding from VHS, Cassette or Hi8 tapes in Downtown Toronto."
- Milind Raval
    How to Order & Procedure

Digital Data Services, provide easy order facility.

Just Send in your following details:

Data Source Type (VHS, Cassette, Hi8 etc)

Output format - Encoding and/or Translation 

Audio Duration

Translation output format 

Delivery Shipping Address

Just Email us the above details & we will
give you estimated project cost and duration. 
Visit to Rate section for price list.

FTP Uploading Procedure

We also accept FTP Uploading to our Data Servers.
Use FTP Software like CuteFTP 5.0 XP

FTP Host Address:
FTP User name:     digitaldata

10 MB space limit for each user
Password: digital

Max. 10 MB data can be stored in each user ID. 
If your data is more than 10 MB, split it up into two files and upload them in two user ID provided.

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  For more information about our services, please email us at 

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